About Crocin

about crocin


Crocin is India’s leading analgesic brand in the  non – prescription(over-the-counter) analgesics category1 with a wide range of variants in both solid and liquid formats. Recently, the brand was voted among the “Top 100 Most Trusted Brands” in India.2 More than 2 million tablets of Crocin are sold each day in India. That’s nearly 20 tablets every second around the clock. Internationally, Crocin is marketed as Panadol and sells in more than 80 countries.

Help, knowledge and ideas for dealing with day to day pain

Crocin is a more than 40 year old pain reliever brand in India and we know that pain comes in many forms and for different reasons.  It's individual, part of what makes us human and is an important signal for our bodies.  Through knowledge and treatment we can learn to understand and deal with day to day pain, so it doesn't have to be a burden to ourselves or those we love.

 Crocin range includes products of various strengths, products specially developed for children as well as for cold and flu relief.

Pain can be complex and confusing, so for added peace of mind, our website includes information about the causes of pain and how to choose the right  Crocin products. We'll also help you learn techniques that can help you deal with pain and give you the advice you need to get life back to normal.

We believe that the more we work together and help each other, the more we can do to manage pain. That's why in addition to developing innovative products, we're committed to connecting people and making it easier to support those you care for.

You'll be able to view shared content and read recommended articles, so you can stay up to date with new treatments and find out what you need to know, faster.

A world of experience - whenever you need it

If you have any feedback about your experiences, or suggestions on how we can improve our services, we would love to hear from you.  After all, the more we work together, the more we can achieve.

The  Crocin Team.

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