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Get Everyday Pain Relief with Crocin

Whether it’s a everyday pain that just won’t go away on its own, or you’re in need of some pain relief, Crocin can help.

Crocin Advance / 650 designed with OPTIZORB Formulation provide advanced absorption compared to regular paracetamol tablets1 – to help you get back on your feet.

Explore the complete range of Crocin products for adults below and choose which one is right for your need state.

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Help beat everyday aches and pains with Crocin

The Crocin range comes in a variety of forms, including tablets with OPTIZORB technology, syrups and drops.

Don’t let everyday aches and pains get you down. The Paracetamol active ingredient in Crocin range can help give you effective relief from different types of pain.

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