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Get Tough Pain Relief with Crocin

Looking for a effective painkiller to help fight tough pain? Discover Crocin Pain Relief for tough pain relief below.

Fight five types of tough pain with Crocin Pain Relief

Sometimes pain can get tough. And whether it’s a nasty migraine headache or painful muscle aches, when you’re battling tough pain, you need a tough painkiller to back you up.

That’s why we’ve developed Crocin Pain Relief: to help you fight tough pain when it strikes.

Crocin Pain Relief contains paracetamol, which is an analgesic, and caffeine, which acts as an adjuvant to the analgesic effect of paracetamol. Crocin Pain Relief is used for symptomatic relief from mild to moderate pain eg., headache, migraine, toothache, period pain and musculoskeletal pain.

In fact, Crocin Pain Relief is particularly good for headaches, since the use of caffeine increases the chances of getting relief from your headache,*along with paracetamol.


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